WFI elections: Sanjay Singh wins as supporters of Brij Bhushan dominate the vote to become the new president.

On Thursday, Sanjay Singh was chosen as the new president of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). His group comfortably won most of the seats in the elections that were postponed, thereby influencing the sports organization in the person of outgoing head Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.

The Wrestling Federation of India’s long-awaited elections finally took place on Thursday, much to everyone’s surprise. The results and reactions were predictably predictable, with a commanding majority of former president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh’s supporters winning.

Since the followers of former president Brij Bhushan won 13 of the 15 seats up for election, Sanjay Kumar Singh of Uttar Pradesh got 40 votes to Anita Sheoran’s seven, the former gold medallist from the Commonwealth Games. The outcome indicated that Brij Bhushan would continue to dominate the sport. The recently elected president hardly said anything and went straight to Brij Bhushan’s house, where the outgoing president was holding sway, after winning.

Singh went into great detail about how the new federation was expected to function, even though none of the candidates for election held the two positions that were supposedly taken by their rivals: senior vice president Devender Kadian and secretary general Prem Chand Lochab of the RSPB. Singh even claimed these positions as “our people.”

To ensure that the year is not squandered, we will attempt to host nationals in age-group contests and national camps. Other than that, Sanjay Kumar spoke over the clamour of hundreds of supporters who flocked the Indian Olympic Association office all day: “Those wrestlers who are interested in competing will be on the wrestling mat, those who want to do politics will be answered to in the political arena.”

Brij Bhushan claimed that the elections had gone according to everyone’s hopes while posing with Sanjay, with whom he had been friends for decades. Nobody who is related to me or my family disputed. Elections were conducted in accordance with the constitution and authorized standards and rules, and those who took part and prevailed were chosen by federation officials. Over 90% of wrestlers in the nation’s akhadas are content right now, demonstrating what the wrestling community wants across the nation, according to BBS Singh.

The three wrestlers who represented the opposition to Brij Bhushan, Sakshee Malikkh, Bajrang Punia, and Vinesh Phogat, held a press conference at the Press Club of India less than a kilometer away. Sakshee announced her decision to retire from the sport, threw her the sport shoes on the table, and left in tears.

Although it took us years to muster the guts to protest, we are all aware of the outcome today. The government’s promise has also not been kept; we expected a female president, but as of right now, not a single one has been elected, demonstrating that women have never played a part in Indian wrestling. Sakshee declared, “We will thank everyone who supported us through the protests, but I give up wrestling on this stage today if the president is someone close to Brij Bhushan.”

The harassment of female wrestlers was what we were fighting against. Many people said that we were done, yet we were still competing and winning medals for the nation; you can check our records from the last several years. I don’t think justice will be served; from fifteen to twenty complainants at first, there are now only six, and they are attempting to silence them as well. While Vinesh shook off their greatest worries, Bajrang hoped, ‘But we still have faith in the judiciary’.

“They were adamant from the beginning that they would prevail; we are aware of their strength and stature, but it is regrettable that such individuals are obtaining such places in the nation. Brij Bhushan and Sanjay Singh are closest than even father and son. I regret not being able to improve Indian wrestling in any way. We notified everyone about the harassment of women on the highways, in mats, and behind closed doors, but it persisted. “I don’t know how to get justice in our country,” the woman pondered.

Prior to a last-minute injunction that was lifted by the Supreme Court on November 28, the elections were originally set for August 12. Because of the work we have done for Indian wrestling, we were optimistic that our supporters would prevail. However, I’m not involved anymore. They are welcome to consult me at any time, but all I’m asking is that the new federation host the Cadet and Junior Nationals before December 31st. Brij Bhushan hoped that the new federation would perform even better than it did.

He yet continued to dismiss worries about the professional prospects of individuals advocating for the new body. “Wrestling on the mat will be the basis for all decisions; mistakes made outside will not be considered.” He said generously, “There will be no discrimination; everyone will receive the same help.

The following individuals were elected: Sanjay Kumar Singh as president; Devender Kadian as senior vice president; Kartar Singh as vice president; Asit Kumar Saha as vice president; N. Phoney as treasurer; Satya Pal Singh Deswal as secretary general; BG Shetty and RK Purushotham as joint secretaries; Prashant Rai as executive member; Rajnish Kumar as executive member; M. Loganathan as 36; N. Khatsil as 35; and Ummed Singh as executive member.

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