Welsh whisky will get a specific protected origin label from the UK.

Welsh whisky will formally receive protected origin status under the UK’s post-Brexit framework, joining its Scottish and Irish equivalents.

As the first spirit in the UK to get Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) designation under the UK Geographical Indication (UK GI) scheme, Single Malt Welsh Whisky, one of Wales’ most beloved spirits, has made history.

Following the UK’s exit from the EU in 2021, the UK GI scheme was created to provide legal protection for specific food and drink goods against imitation and misuse.

Single Malt Welsh Whisky currently has the same distinguished designation as other well-known Welsh products like Welsh Leeks and Anglesey Sea Salt PDO, PGI Welsh Lamb, and PGI Welsh Beef.

This distinction also establishes Single Malt Welsh Whisky as the first GI spirit from Wales, highlighting the industry’s recent quick growth and rising demand.

Four Welsh distilleries—Penderyn, In the Welsh Wind, Da Mhile, and Coles—worked collaboratively on the final application for the coveted PGI accreditation, and their efforts were extremely important.

Their commitment and desire to safeguard Single Malt Welsh whiskey’s distinctiveness is a testament to the spirit’s rising fame and the future possibilities of Wales’ whiskey sector.

The PGI accreditation of Single Malt Welsh Whisky is projected to significantly increase its popularity both domestically and internationally and contribute to the ongoing expansion of the Welsh whisky industry as customers increasingly seek out authentic and locally made items.

Lesley Griffiths, minister for rural affairs in the Welsh government and for North Wales and Trefnydd, said: “It is wonderful news that Single Malt Welsh Whisky has joined the Welsh GI family and that its name is now protected. In Wales, the food and beverage business is greatly impacted by the Welsh whiskey industry, which is still growing.

The accomplishment of UKGI classification for Single Malt Welsh Whisky, according to Stephen Davies, Chief Executive at Penderyn, reflected these feelings and was described as a significant milestone for both Penderyn as a producer and the larger Welsh whisky industry.

Welsh single malt whisky, which is currently exported to over 45 nations, is one of Wales’ most important exports and significantly boosts the country’s food and beverage industry. A total of £23 million in income, including domestic, export, and travel retail sales, is anticipated for the current fiscal year.

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, the UK Geographical Indication Program (UK GI) was established. In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs is the appropriate body for GI programs. The qualities, reputation, validity, and origin of a product are all guaranteed by GI protection. When a product is offered in Great Britain, it is safeguarded against exploitation or imitation of the brand name.

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