US adventurer Mark Dickey has been pulled from one of Turkey’s deepest caves.

According to rescuers, a US citizen who had been stuck for more than a week in Turkey’s third-deepest cave has been rescued to safety.

On September 2, more than 150 people worked to save caveman Mark Dickey after he complained of stomach problems there.

According to the organizers, it was one of the biggest and trickiest underground rescue operations ever carried out.

Nearly 1.3 km (0.8 miles) below earth, in a remote area in the south, is where the Morca Cave’s lowest point is located.

The Turkish Caving Federation posted on social media that Mr. Dickey had been extracted from the cave at 00:37 local time (21:37 GMT).

The caver had been saved, Mr. Dickey’s New Jersey Initial Response Team leader Carl Heitmeyer confirmed to BBC News, and he thanked everyone who had contributed to the rescue effort.

After his condition deteriorated, Mr. Dickey admitted that he believed he wouldn’t survive the experience.

Other than this slope of “Will I live? I don’t think I feel anything else. This is something of a bell curve, I immediately thought. He told the media, “I’m crazy like that, in all seriousness.”

This is like, Ok, like, I have some blood going on here, but it’s bacterial, it’s an infection, whatever,’ it’s like, ‘This isn’t that bad, I’m not going to die’.

Then I start to vomit blood, and if it keeps up, you won’t be able to handle how much is coming out. I was bleeding profusely. Then it became more difficult for me to maintain awareness, and I finally said, “I’m not going to live.”

Mark Dickey was able to leave Morca Cave and obtain more medical care at a hospital, according to Mr. Dickey’s parents, Debbie and Andy Dickey. They credited the “international caving community” for this.

They claimed that their son’s rescue brought them “incredible joy” and an indescribable sense of relief.

Mark is strong, and we have faith in him, but we also fully understood that he needed a lot of help right away.

There aren’t enough words to appropriately communicate our gratitude to the caving community throughout the world for answering our prayers and continuing to do so.

When Mr. Dickey started experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding, he was co-leading a team that was mapping a new path in the cave.

He had a blood transfusion, which helped improve his health. After that, he was brought out slowly while being strapped on a stretcher.

According to CBS, the BBC’s US partner, this required traveling through narrow rock tunnels where explosives had to be employed.

Rescue personnel from a number of other nations, notably Croatia and Hungary, flew to Turkey to help with the operation.

Jessica Van Ord, Mr. Dickey’s fiancée, also contributed. She later descended from the cave after staying in it with him when he was ill.

Mr. Dickey expressed his gratitude for the rescuers trying to save him on Thursday night in a video message from inside the cave.

I do know that the Turkish government’s prompt action in obtaining the medical materials I require, in my opinion, saved my life, the man remarked. I was quite near the cliff’s edge.

Rescuers said that it had been a really honorable experience to assist in saving Mr. Dickey.

Ibrahim Olcu, an Istanbul caver, stated that “we are cavers before everything.”

We have a little glimpse of the fact that a caveman had no other savior but another caveman. Working on the rescue effort for a different caveman was immensely honorable and satisfying. I am having this joy right now.

The Hungarian anesthesiologist Zsofia Zador claimed that saving me was her first significant medical feat.

She continued, “This is not the easiest cave to explore because there are several small, tight passages and the shafts are fairly muddy.

Mr. Dickey, a native of New Jersey, is described as a seasoned caveman with more than 20 years of experience.

Ten years ago, he began delivering different cave rescue courses for the US National Cave Rescue Commission. His title is listed as “International Exchange Program Coordinator” on the company website.

The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service, which is also cooperating with the operation, stated that he has been co-leading the trip to the Morca Cave since the end of August.

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