Ukrainian drones hit a Russian tanker.

According to Russian media, early on Saturday, Ukrainian drones hit a Russian tanker across the Kerch Strait, briefly blocking traffic on the vital bridge connecting Crimea to Russia.

The state-run TASS news agency reported, citing the Maritime Rescue Center, that the tanker had been damaged in the attack and that two tugboats had arrived at the scene.

According to TASS, the ship, which had 11 passengers on board, had no fuel spills.

In the attack, some members of the ship’s crew were hurt by glass, according to Vladimir Rogov, a Russian official stationed in the Zaporizhzhia region in southern Ukraine.

Rogov said on Telegram that inhabitants in the area of Yakovenkovo hamlet, which is close to the Crimean bridge, perceived the detonation caused by the explosion on the ship as an explosion because it was visible from the peninsula.

According to the roads information center’s Telegram channel, traffic on the bridge connecting Russia and the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow has annexed, was stopped for around three hours before starting again early on Saturday.

The SIG was seen on the Marine Traffic vessel tracking website as being anchored and being attended by tugs slightly south of the strait.

The most recent Black Sea assault happened a day after Ukraine claimed responsibility for a seaborne drone attack on a Russian navy ship off the coast of southern Russia’s Novorossiysk naval facility.

The Ukrainian military forces attempted to strike the base, according to a statement from Russia on Friday, but were repulsed “with the help of a pair of unmanned sea boats.”

Since Moscow pulled out of an agreement last month that had permitted Ukrainian grain exports through the shipping center during the conflict between the two nations, there have been more strikes in the Black Sea by both sides.

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