Ukraine war: A new drone attack targets the same Moscow tower

Another Ukrainian drone reportedly struck a Moscow office tower on Tuesday, according to Russian media.

The city’s mayor claims that three drones were shot down as they tried to fly into Moscow. The facade on the 21st story of the Moscow City business tower was damaged when one of the drones struck it.

“One (drone) struck the same Moscow City skyscraper as before. According to a Telegram post by Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the facade on the 21st floor was damaged.

He stated that there was no information about casualties and that emergency services were present.

This incident happened after Ukrainian drones attacked Moscow on Sunday, damaging two business skyscrapers in Moscow City.

The international airport at Vnukovo in Moscow briefly shut down in reaction to the drone strike, but it soon restored regular operations.

According to a spokesperson for the emergency services, “Vnukovo was temporarily closed for arrivals and departures, and the planes are being diverted to other airports.”

Despite being far from the Ukrainian border, Moscow and its environs have recently been targets of these drone strikes, which have increased in frequency in the area.

These strikes have been attributed to Kiev by Moscow, but the Kremlin sees them as acts of desperation following defeats on the field of battle during Ukraine’s counteroffensive in June.

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