Ukraine-Russia war – The world is given a dire warning by the first lady.

Ukraine-Russia war: Olena Zelenska stated that Ukraine is in dire need of “faster” assistance in order to be able to resist the more advanced Russian military forces.

Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine, pleaded with the world not to lose hope in her nation while its soldiers battled for “the democratic balance of the world,” cautioning that a Russian victory in the conflict would be “the worst-case scenario for all humanity.

“Please resist the urge to become weary, as it is not our right as Ukrainians to grow weary. Ukraine protects both its interests and its citizens.

We are attempting to preserve global democracy as a whole,” she declared.Olena Zelenska, speaking to Independent TV, expressed Ukraine’s extreme concern that the world is underestimating Russia’s broader threat.

According to Olena Zelenska, “if the aggressor prevails now, it will be the worst-case scenario for all of humanity,” which would indicate that international deterrents are ineffective.

This implies that everyone who possesses strength, power, and enough money may do everything they desire

.In order to defeat the more highly equipped Russian forces, Ukraine sorely needs “faster” support; nevertheless, she added that promises of military and humanitarian aid will be ineffective if they are not delivered quickly enough.

Our Western allies have repeatedly assured us that they will support us for however long it takes. We shouldn’t use the word “long.”

“We ought to employ the term ‘faster,” she said.

“In this conflict, the lives of fellow Ukrainian citizens are being used as collateral damage. With its resources, the rest of the globe pays.

We implore you to expedite this assistance, as these are unmatched things,” she added.

Regarding her family, she mentioned that she and her husband were compelled to live apart due to security concerns.”I want to reunite with you.

We sincerely hope that things will get better and we may resume our nearly normal family life,” she said.

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