Ukraine detains a woman for allegedly planning to kill Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky was allegedly the target of a plot to attack him when he visited a flood-affected area, according to the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), which announced the arrest of a woman on Monday, August 7.

An unidentified Russian female informant “was planning for an attack within the Mykolaiv region before the visit of the president of Ukraine,” the SBU claims.

The SBU claims that the suspected informant “was gathering intelligence on the recent trip of the President of Ukraine to the Mykolaiv region” and “on the eve of the planned visit” to the southern Mykolaiv region.

The security service added that she made an effort to determine the timing and a list of the approximate places along the Head of State’s path through the area.

Her attempts, however, were unsuccessful because SBU operatives had learned about the “subversive activities of the suspect” and had taken the required action in addition to adding more security measures during Zelensky’s visit.

The SBU added that she was looking for information on the whereabouts of military ammunition storage facilities and electronic warfare systems.

In order to learn more about the woman’s Russian handlers and her tasks, the Ukrainian officials were keeping an eye on her.

As she sought to transmit intelligence information to the Russian secret services, the SBU claimed that she was caught “red-handed” by the officers.

The woman, according to the Ukrainian security service, used to work at a store at a nearby military base and now resides in the small southern town of Ochakiv in the Mykolaiv area.

She allegedly took pictures of the areas and sought to contact local friends for information, the SBU said.

She could be charged with unauthorized disclosure of information on troop and weapon movements. She faces a maximum 12-year prison sentence if found guilty.

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