UK prepares for “African Plume Heatwave” as nation prepares for record-breaking temperatures

The arrival of the African Plume is expected to bring about “record-breaking” temperatures, so the UK is prepared for extreme heat wave conditions. A article in the Independent stated that this high-pressure system is rapidly approaching the nation and will bring severe weather to the UK by the end of May, increasing temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius.

A mass of hot air flowing from the Sahara desert to Europe is known as the “African Plume,” a meteorological phenomena. Temperatures in the UK frequently reach 30 degrees Celsius during the prolonged period of extraordinarily high temperatures brought on by the plume. Days or even weeks may pass with extremely high temperatures. Additionally, depending on the climatic circumstances, the intensity can change every year.

The warm, dry air is transported across the Mediterranean Sea and towards the British Isles during an African plume event by southerly or southeasterly winds. The air mass absorbs heat and moisture as it passes over the Mediterranean’s warm waters, worsening the region’s already high temperatures and humidity, according to the outlet.

Although many factors may affect weather patterns, scientists think that the increasing frequency of African plumes is consistent with climate change and a hotter Earth. This summer in the UK, there is “a greater than normal chance” of heatwaves, according to Met Office meteorologist Honour Criswick. This is compatible with current climate warming. There is inherent uncertainty, as with any longer-term prognosis, she noted.

The publication says that on Saturday, Scotland and Northern Ireland may expect largely cloudy sky with a few raindrops that will gradually move southeast. In the far southeast, temperatures could decrease due to a strong breeze. The majority of the UK should anticipate clear, dry weather the next week, with intervals of cloud and rain more expected in the northwest.

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