Travis King is the American soldier who entered North Korea.

According to representatives, Pvt. 2nd Class Travis King joined the American Army in January 2021 as a calvary scout.

The 23-year-old was stationed in South Korea, where he had most recently been detained on assault-related charges, according to the AP. According to CBS News, King was released to American officials at the military center in the nation approximately a week ago, though it is unclear how long he had been imprisoned.

King was being brought to an airport outside of Seoul where he was supposed to catch a plane for Fort Bliss, Texas to face military punishment, but instead he ran off into North Korea.

Even though authorities were able to get King through airport security, he still found a way to escape the escort, leave the terminal, and return to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. According to officials, King arrived there and attended a tour of the Korean border settlement of Panmunjom while wearing civilian clothing.

The King yelled out, rushed between two buildings, and eventually entered North Korea, according to one tour group member’s account of the events on a now-deleted Facebook post. It’s not known if he intended to defect.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated during a press briefing on Tuesday that authorities believe King is in the DPRK’s captivity.

Austin stated, “The welfare of our troop is certainly first in my mind.

No official statement from North Korea has been made to date.

Claudine Gates, King’s mother, who resides in Racine, Wisconsin, told ABC News that when Army officials informed her on Tuesday that her son had gone, she was taken aback.

Travis wouldn’t do something like that, according to Gates.

According to the site, she also said that her son’s final phone call to her, letting her know he was returning to his base in Fort Bliss, was a few days ago.

“I’m very happy for him. The only thing Gates said he wanted was for the man to return to America and go home.

It is still unknown, however, if King had any plans for his escape into North Korea or whether he acted spontaneously. Some analysts claim that planning simply the trip to the Demilitarized Zone takes days.

Jacco Zwetsloot, the host of the North Korea News podcast and a former worker of a tour firm that transported American soldiers to the border, told the BBC that there was There is no possibility that this individual could leave the airport one day and sign up for one of these tours the following day.

According to him, these visits often take three days to prepare, and tourists must present their passports and other documentation to officials.

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