Tory workers can be seen having fun on video during covid

A Christmas gathering at the Conservative gathering headquarters in 2020 during coronavirus restrictions may be seen in newly released video. The Mirror newspaper was able to obtain a video showing staff members consuming alcohol at the gathering on December 14, 2020, in London. According to reports, there were at least 24 attendees. In the footage, two individuals can be seen dancing in front of a sign that reads, “Please keep your distance,” just before they crash into a buffet food table. As long as we don’t stream that, we’re kind of like, breaking the rules, someone can be heard saying in the background.

The day the party allegedly occurred, Matt Hancock, who was the health secretary at the time, declared that London would enter tier 3 limitations in an effort to control the rapidly increasing number of Covid infections. The defeated London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey’s campaign team, who was just elevated to the rank of peer by Boris Johnson, organized the celebration. Before the video was taken, Bailey had already departed the event. Rishi Sunak is expected to run into issues as a result of the video, who is already struggling to keep his party together in the wake of the investigation that revealed Johnson lied about Partygate. Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of Labour , claimed that revellers openly made fun of the laws that the British populace observed. The Tories believe there should be a single rule for everyone.

An investigation by the Met police last year included a picture of the party. Police found inadequate evidence of breaking the law, and no fines were imposed since, in their opinion, the photo alone is insufficient proof that an infringement was committed. “This is an old story,” a Shaun Bailey campaign spokesman stated. At the time, we apologised for this incident several times. It was the focus of a police inquiry that lasted over a year. The issue is resolved.

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