Tim Davie, the head of the BBC, will answer questions from the media as the presenter crisis deepens.

As the issue surrounding a prominent presenter grows, the director-general of the BBC will speak to the media on Tuesday.

Tim Davie will address the media as he releases the broadcaster’s annual report, which is expected to include information on the salaries of its top players.

A male employee of the BBC has been placed on administrative leave after The Sun claimed that he paid a minor, starting at the age of 17, about £35,000 over the course of three years for sexual photos.

Following the publication of the company’s annual report, Tim Davie is set to address the media for a briefing, but the controversy is likely to take up much of the time.

The report, which was prepared before the allegations surfaced, is an evaluation of how the BBC has performed over the previous 12 months.

The young person at the center of the scandal has spoken out to the BBC, claiming that nothing wrong or illegal occurred and calling The Sun’s accusations “rubbish.”

The 20-year-old’s estrangement from their mother and stepfather, who brought the allegations to the newspaper, was also mentioned by their attorney.

The young person’s mother responded by telling The Sun that she stood by her statements, said the presenter “has got into their head,” and questioned how they could afford legal counsel.

Their stepfather, however, has charged that the BBC is “not telling the truth” and that it misled when it declared that “new allegations” were the reason for the presenter’s suspension.

“I told police the child was twenty years old that it was continuing for three years. The calculation isn’t difficult,” he remarked.

“I went to the police out of desperation, but they couldn’t do anything because they said it wasn’t illegal,” I said in my BBC interview. They were all aware of this.

He continued by asserting that emails sent on May 19 that purportedly included bank statements demonstrating payments made by the presenter were ignored by the BBC.

Prior to now, the BBC acknowledged receiving a complaint in May.

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