There Is No “Desire” to “Put an End” to Prince Harry and Prince William’s Royal Feud

There Is No “Desire” to “Put an End” to Prince Harry and Prince William’s Royal feud.

As per the latest allegation, Harry admitted to having called William to ask for a truce and told his brother that he and Meghan were ready to go back to London to work for King Charles.

However, a royal specialist finds this remark to be exceedingly dubious.

Sarah Hewson told Sky News that the wounds and injuries are so deep that they would require a great deal of time and effort to cure.

I simply don’t see any indication at this point that anyone wants to stop this from happening, on either side.

The excellent work that Harry and Meghan said they intended to do—like the incredible job Harry performed with Invictus Games, for example—has all been utterly overshadowed by the family dysfunction that is being depicted in the media, which is a terrible pity.

Hewson offers some advice on how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should approach their current job transition. The couple is currently going through a difficult period as they decide what to do after their Spotify deal fell through.

She stated, “The best thing they could really do is really get on with the things that they said they wanted to do, put aside that family spat, and focus on that work now.”

“Make an impact, simply serve, as they say, and perhaps then things will begin to improve.”

Harry said in January that he wanted to be in a relationship with his brother but was holding out for William to take the next step. As far as we know, this has not happened.

Hewson’s remarks, in the meantime, support what a recent anonymous source stated: “Neither William nor Harry have made an effort to get in touch with each other. Not only have they not argued, but they have also not communicated. No calls to or from Zoom, FaceTime, or the phone.”

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