The world is not prepared, according to women sick with a highly contagious fungus disease in US.

The fungus disease known as tinea, or ringworm, which is extremely contagious and drug-resistant, has been proven in two cases in the United States. Medical professionals from all over the world are alarmed by the two new instances.

Medics have confirmed the first cases of a highly contagious fungus disease, and they warn that “the world is not prepared.”

Two women, aged 28 and 47, have tested positive for having the extremely drug-resistant form of ringworm, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The scientists told the media about these two new cases that the globe is not yet prepared for the spread of this extremely contagious fungus illness. The world is not yet ready for what will certainly develop into a steadily spreading epidemic of these skin illnesses, according to CDC officials.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that two unidentified patients in the United States, aged 28 and 47, were infected with tinea, also known as drug-resistant ringworm. Both ladies had sores on their neck, buttocks, thighs, and belly, and family members also had symptoms.

Professor of Infectious Diseases in Global Health at the University of Manchester David Denning said that the sickness is spreading across countries and is easily transferred in schools and families.

According to David Denning, skin fungal diseases can spread from one person to another through close personal contact and in public places like houses and schools.

This fungus has already spread to other nations, such as Canada, Germany, and now the United States, as a result of the sizable Indian diaspora.

In addition to the skin on practically any region of the body, ringworm can also infect the fingernails and toenails. The most typical signs of ringworm include itchy skin, rash that looks like a ring, red, scaly, cracked skin, and hair loss.

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