The legal representative for Hunter Biden resigns and offers to testify in court.

Hunter Biden’s senior criminal defence lawyer has sought a federal judge in Delaware to grant him permission to step down from his role as Biden’s attorney, claiming that the collapse of a plea deal he had arranged with prosecutors could result in him testifying against Biden.

Christopher Clark, Biden’s lawyer, submitted a motion on Tuesday asking to resign from the case due to concerns regarding Biden’s now-expired plea deals on tax charges and a weapons possession crime.

The motion stated that, in light of recent events, it appears that the negotiation and drafting of the plea deal and diversion arrangement will be disputed, and Mr. Clark is a percipient witness to those concerns.

Abbe Lowell, who made an appearance on Sunday talk shows the previous weekend to discuss the appointment of the special counsel in the probe, will continue to represent Biden in addition to providing additional legal counsel.

The Delaware prosecutor who has been in charge of the five-year investigation of President Joe Biden’s youngest son, U.S. Attorney David Weiss, received special counsel status from Attorney General Merrick Garland.

After the plea bargain fell through last month, Clark made the withdrawal request.

Hunter Biden’s plea agreement with the prosecution was rejected by U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika at a hearing on July 26. Noreika expressed reservations regarding the agreement’s conditions, citing disputes regarding the guarantees Hunter Biden’s legal team requested for immunity from any further criminal proceedings connected to the issue.

In exchange for the prosecution’s suggestion that he receive probation rather than jail time, Biden consented to pleading guilty to the two misdemeanor tax evasion counts in June. Biden was required to take part in a pretrial program for a crime involving gun possession as part of the agreement.

Following the judge’s rejection of the plea deal, Biden entered a not guilty plea to the charge of failing to submit over $100,000 during taxes on $1.5 million in taxable earnings he earned in 2017 and 2018. For having a gun while using drugs in 2018, he is accused separately.

Biden’s lawyers claimed that prosecutors had broken the deal in a court filing on Sunday. According to the prosecution, they never broke the agreement, and they contend that the plea and diversion agreements weren’t yet in force.

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