The freshest and least fresh online foods in the UK are revealed via investigation.

Compared to the items acquired by a group of 12 mystery shoppers spread out across the UK, Sainsbury’s groceries had the shortest average amount of time left before their use-by dates.

It requested the customers to order 25 goods from six major supermarkets online, all of which had use-by dates, in order to assess the average freshness of the food that was delivered to their homes.

A typical complaint is that some online-ordered products have a short shelf life, especially now that food prices are rising and families are scrutinising their budgets closely.

Customers placed orders with Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Waitrose for a total of 1,800 different items.

According to the investigation, Sainsbury’s groceries had the shortest average shelf life of 9.7 days.”The company’s grocery online shoppers are trained to choose the longest date and best available products for customers’ deliveries,” a Sainsbury’s representative said. We regret that this small sample size has not reflected the high standard of service we provide to the more than 85,000 orders we typically fulfil each day. Customers can return products to our drivers at the doorstep for a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the freshness or quality of their groceries or they can call our careline for assistance.

The researchers calculated an average time for each supermarket after the customers had got their groceries by adding up the number of full hours between the time of delivery and midnight on each item’s use-by date.

With a difference of 38 hours separating the perishable items’ average shelf life with the longest and shortest average shelf life, the consumer group discovered that there was not a significant difference in the overall averages for each supermarket.

The product with the longest shelf life, a stilton that only required to be consumed in the following 37 days, was likewise provided by Sainsbury’s.

Shoppers should never be required to pay for produce that is not at its peak. Customers who are dissatisfied with their grocery delivery can voice their concerns to the driver or receive a refund by contacting the store. It’s not worth the risk to eat anything that has passed its expiration date, even if it smells and appears to be in good condition.

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