Tewkesbury school stabbing: Teenager boy has been arrested after being charged of murder attempt

After a teacher was stabbed at a school in Gloucestershire, a teenage boy was detained on suspicion of attempted murder. On Monday, July 10, just after 9 a.m., emergency services were summoned to Tewkesbury School on Ashchurch Road.

The male teacher was stabbed once in the hallway and taken directly to the hospital. As Gloucestershire Police officers raced to the area to look for the offender, the school was placed on lockdown.

According to police, no students were hurt during the event.

Police verified that he was released from the hospital on Monday night, but the arrested kid was still being held.

At around 11am, the teenager was ultimately taken into custody in Stoke Orchard. Police said they found a knife following the arrest.

In a statement made outside the school, Gloucestershire Police Assistant Chief Constable Richard Ocone said: “Just around 9 on monday morning, we received a phone from someone informing us about an assault on a Tewkesbury Academy teacher.”

”Minutes later, the ambulance service called to inform us that a male instructor had been stabbed in a school hallway.”

”He was brought to the hospital with a single stab wound and is still there.”

Mr. Ocone stated: “At this moment, the attack’s purpose is unknown, although there is currently no information to suggest that it was motivated by terrorism. While more research is being done, we are remaining open-minded.

After learning the shocking news on Monday morning, Michelle Smith, whose son Alex, 13, is in Year 8, said she was really happy to be able to pick him up from school.

“Very relieved,” she stated in a statement to the PA news agency. You receive a message from school stating that it is urgent and that the school has been locked down.

When you open it while at work and log onto Facebook to see if there’s anything, you find that there are a lot of different stories going on there, which makes you start to feel a little anxious.

“Then you learn that a teacher has been stabbed and that all of the kids are being kept in their rooms. The first reaction is to get to the school as soon as you can, but I refrained and stayed away for as long as I could instead after listening to the school.

She described him as one of those professors who you can contact by email or phone. “He goes back to you, and right now I am really, really, really worried about him. I’m crossing everything for him.

Just before 9.10am, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) received a call about the incident and dispatched three ambulances to the scene.

According to a spokeswoman, one patient was transported to Gloucester Royal Hospital.

Teachers at the neighbouring Tirlebrook Primary School wrote on Facebook that it had temporarily been locked down.

The injured employee was in the prime minister’s thoughts on Monday, according to Rishi Sunak’s authorized spokesperson.

The spokeswoman stated that although the inquiry was still ongoing, the Prime Minister was thinking of the injured person as well as the school’s faculty and students, who were undoubtedly quite worried.

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