Taiwan reported 103 Chinese warplanes flying over the island recently.

Taiwan raised concerns about the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) increased presence on Monday, Sept. 18, by reporting that it had counted 103 Chinese warplanes flying over the island in the previous 24 hours.

Between Sunday night and Monday morning, 103 PLA aircraft and nine PLAN boats were spotted near Taiwan, according to a statement from China’s defense ministry.

The number of Chinese military aircraft flying missions over the ocean in the previous 24 hours, according to the ministry, reached a recent high.

According to the ministry, 40 of the planes discovered between early Sunday and early Monday breached the imaginary boundary between Taiwan and the mainland of China.

Taipei warned that such harassment would cause tensions to spike sharply and asked Beijing to stop its harmful, unilateral conduct.

It happens at a time when China is conducting military exercises close to the self-governing island in an effort to put further pressure on Taiwan, which it claims is part of its territory.

Taiwan’s defense ministry reported that between Wednesday (Sept. 13) and Thursday (Sept. 14) morning, 68 PLA aircraft and 10 PLAN vessels had been spotted.

Taiwan reported on Tuesday that it had found 35 airplanes flying over the island the day before.

The US, South Korea, and Canada staged a coordinated maritime exercise on Thursday in the Yellow Sea, which is thought to have coincided with the Chinese drills.

China’s efforts to claim Taiwan and incorporate it into the mainland are part of the military buildup.

Chinese leaders presented a new strategy to advance their quest for “peaceful unification” with Taiwan on Tuesday (September 12).

Under the proposed measures, Fujian Province will serve as a model for “integration” with the island nation.

The plan, which was jointly released by the Communist Party’s Central Committee and the State Council, China’s cabinet, intends to advance the process of peaceful reunification and enhance cross-strait integrated development in all fields.

In addition, the proposal calls for making it simpler for Taiwanese nationals to reside in Fujian, study there, and do business there, as well as encouraging local businesses to hire people from Taiwan.

They also demand that the coastal city of Xiamen swiftly integrate with the Kinmen and Matsu groups of islands, which are administered by Taiwan but are located just a few miles off the coast of mainland China.

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