Suella Braverman encourages police to ‘scale up’ the stop-and-search policy.

In order to “save more lives” and deter further knife assaults, the home secretary has instructed police chiefs to “ramp up” the use of stop-and-search procedures. All police forces in England and Wales are being urged to “ramp up” the use of stop and search authority by the Home Secretary. In a letter to all 43 forces, Suella Braverman requests that cops utilise the contentious powers more frequently “to prevent violence and save more lives.”

She singled out ‘young black guys’ who she claims are ‘disproportionately affected’ by knife crime and claimed she has her ‘full support’ for officers who utilise the powers. She also urged authorities to release bodycam video as soon as possible to avoid having cops put on “trial by social media”.

According to Ms. Braverman, carrying a weapon is a stain on our society and anyone doing so is risking their own safety and the lives of the people around them. Stopping this perilous culture is necessary. The security of the general population comes first for me. She went on to say that those who persist on carrying weapons must be aware of the repercussions.

“Every death from knife violence is tragic, so I support the police in combating this scourge in neighbourhoods that are disproportionately afflicted, such as among young black guys. To end this atrocity, we must take all appropriate action. To avoid violence and save more lives, she continued, “the police have my full backing in expanding the practise of stop and search, wherever appropriate.

Black and ethnic minority populations are disproportionately targeted by stop and search, according to critics. Statistics show that black individuals are seven times more likely than white people to be stopped and searched. Previous advocacy groups have issued warnings that loosening constraints on police use of the authority could exacerbate discrimination.

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