Review of civil service “to urge Treasury break-up”

The cabinet secretary position and the Treasury are slated to be eliminated, according to a government-commissioned review of the civil service.

Last year, Lord Maude, a former Cabinet Office minister, was entrusted with researching measures to increase government effectiveness.

According to the Times, his report will also urge the Cabinet Office to give ministers more influence over civil service appointments.

This autumn, possibly within a few weeks, is when it is anticipated to be published.

The newspaper’s suggestions include creating two new positions to take the place of the cabinet secretary, one to assist the prime minister’s office and the other to lead the civil service.

Simon Case was appointed cabinet secretary in 2020 and is currently in charge of the civil service. The cabinet secretary is the top policy advisor to the prime minister and is accountable to all ministers for the management of the cabinet, the PM’s inner circle.

Lord Maude is rumored to have also suggested that a new ministry be given control over budgetary decisions. Tax and macroeconomic policies would continue to be under the Treasury’s control.

And the newspaper reports that he will suggest that ministers have more influence over civil servant appointments, but that they should go through “360 assessments” in which a number of colleagues evaluate their work.

Last summer, Lord Maude was invited to oversee the review of Civil Service accountability and governance.

According to the government, the independent assessment will examine the efficacy and efficiency of how government functions and decisions are carried out.

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