Regarding the Johnson Partygate report, Sunak could face a contentious vote.

Regarding the Johnson Partygate report, Sunak could face a contentious vote.

On Monday, MPs will decide whether to accept the report’s finding that Boris Johnson purposefully deceived the legislature. Many Conservatives will be debating whether to vote against a candidate who is supported by their party or against a candidate who is unpopular with the majority of voters.
It’s possible that Sir Jacob and Nadine Dorries will choose to back their former leader in the House by speaking out. MPs will also decide whether Mr. Johnson should lose access to the Palace of Westminster; although, supporters of the former prime minister claim he might reclaim it if he were to win a seat in a different district.

The vote was announced by Conservative Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the House of Commons. She said, After having the committee complete the work we requested of them, I would advise all MPs to read the report, form their own opinions about it, and approach the responsibility that it is our honour to undertake carefully and soberly. Members should apply their own judgement on that. These are challenging issues for the House, she added. Even if we must consider the report and the data, we are still discussing friends and coworkers. The task we must complete by Monday will be difficult for all of us and depressing. But we must all act in accordance with our moral convictions, and others must respect our right to do so.

Many people will be watching Mr. Sunak and other cabinet ministers to see how they vote on a report that criticises their former leader and a government that many of them were a part of.On Thursday night, when questioned about the prime minister’s vote, Downing Street steadfastly declined to comment.
His spokesman stated that Mr. Sunak, will take its time to carefully analyse the report.

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