Records show that over the course of four months, Biden’s dog Commander bit the Secret Service officers ten times.

According to information from the Department of Homeland Security, President Joe Biden’s dog Commander bit Secret Service agents at least ten times between October 2022 and January. One of these incidents required an injured law enforcement official to go to the hospital.

A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Secret Service resulted in Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, receiving more than 200 pages of documents, which it made available on Tuesday. The department, a division of DHS, “failed to respond adequately” to the group’s request for records regarding incidences of the purebred German shepherd biting in December, the group claimed in its lawsuit. The organization claimed to have requested it in response to a story concerning Commander’s behavior.

On Tuesday, the White House and the Secret Service seemed to downplay the circumstance.

First lady Jill Biden’s communications chief Elizabeth Alexander acknowledged in an email that the White House compound is a “unique and frequently stressful environment” for household pets and that the Bidens was considering ways to improve the situation for everyone.

In a different email, Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service’s chief spokesperson, stated that his office has “navigated how best to function around family pets and these incidents are no exception.Our employees’ health and safety are very important to us.

Numerous Secret Service agents are stationed all around the presidential palace and its expansive grounds to offer security protection for the president and his family.

In December 2021, James sent Biden a gift in the form of Commander. After some of his own problems involving Secret Service agents and White House staff, the previous president’s dog, a different German shepherd named Major, was taken to live with friends in Delaware. Willow, the family’s cat, is another pet.

A Secret Service agent informed coworkers by email on November 3, 2022, that Commander had bit a uniformed officer twice, on the upper right arm and leg. The White House medical team treated the officer and then determined that the patient should be taken to the hospital.

A captain of the Uniform Division sent an email later that day to report that he had heard the commander had received all of his shots.

The cop who was bitten used a steel cart to defend himself from further attacks, according to a note that was posted the day after the attack. On the instructions of the doctor, the officer was afterwards put on restricted duty for a number of days.

As well as creating designated locations where Commander may run around for exercise, Alexander claimed that the Bidens have been collaborating with the Secret Service and the White House staff on further training and leashing procedures” for Commander.

The Secret Service and Executive Residence staff are greatly appreciated by the president and first lady for everything that they do to keep them, their family, and the nation safe, Alexander continued.

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