Prior to the Women’s Football World Cup, a shooter from New Zealand kills two people.

A shooting occurred on Thursday in Auckland, the capital of New Zealand, hours before the Women’s World Cup’s opening game. At least two people were murdered, along with an armed attacker, and five others were injured.

The shooting appeared to be the actions of a single person, and police were not looking for anyone else in connection with the event, according to Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, who also said that the football competition would go forward as scheduled.

Hipkins stated at a live media conference that there was no known political or ideological reason for the shooting and as a result, there was no threat to national security.

Although there would be more police in the city, the threat level to New Zealand’s security wouldn’t change, he added.

The shooter in Auckland, according to police, was carrying a pump-action shotgun. He entered the construction zone, made his way to the upper floors and then “contained himself within the lift shaft.” The individual fired additional bullets, and a little while afterwards, officers discovered him dead.

Thousands of foreign athletes and visitors arrived in Auckland for the ninth Women’s World Cup, which Australia and New Zealand are co-hosting. In the two opening games on Thursday, Australia takes on Ireland in Sydney and Norway takes on New Zealand in Auckland.

A number of the players posted on social media that they were safe after the incident that occurred close to the Norwegian team hotel in central Auckland.

While the US team said that all of its players and personnel were present and secure, the Italy team’s training has been postponed because they are unable to leave their hotel.

All ferry services into Auckland were suspended, several streets in the city were closed to buses, and particular sections of the city were advised to be avoided by buses. Nearby FIFA Fan Festival activities were also postponed because of the shooting.

It seems like just one person did this. Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown issued a statement saying that neither this nor the FIFA Women’s World Cup Event posed a threat to the country’s security.

All dangerous firearms, including military-style semiautomatics, have been outlawed by the government.

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