Prince William will put an end to homelessness.

William stated in an interview with The Sunday Times that he will start a “really big project” to address the problem. The five-year project’s specifics, though, won’t be revealed until the end of the month. Following a visit with my mother, which motivated me to end homelessness, I’ll construct social housing on my property, declares Prince William.

However, William did mention that there are plans for social housing in the 130,000-acre property empire he now governs as the Prince of Wales, the Duchy of Cornwall. The prince has dealt with homelessness in the past. He serves as the patron of Centrepoint, a nonprofit organisation that assists homeless youth.

Reuben House, a building of 33 studio apartments in south-east London, where rent is fixed at a resident’s third of income, was officially opened earlier this week by him on behalf of the charity. William claimed that the reason he is so passionate about the subject is because of his mother.

The prince was 11 years old when Diana first brought him to a homeless shelter in London; today, he serves as the patron of the organisations Centrepoint and the Passage. William also discussed his intentions to include his kids with a homeless group. ‘’ When I left this morning, I was wondering when the best moment would be to bring George, Charlotte, or Louis to a homeless agency,” he added. They will undoubtedly be exposed to it once I can balance it with their academics. We discuss what we see on the way to school. We frequently used to notice individuals sitting outside of supermarkets as we were going back and forth around London, and we would chat about it. Today at King Charles’ first Trooping the Colour parade, Kate and the Royal children waved to the spectators while beaming. Charles’ birthday was commemorated at the event, which was postponed due to inclement weather last month and held today instead.

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