Prince Harry secretly asks Prince William for a truce.

According to rumors, Prince Harry has subtly asked his estranged brother and heir to the throne, Prince William, for a truce.

Sussex Duchess Meghan Markle is also aware of the covert communication between Harry and William.

Harry reached out to William in an effort to patch things up since he was worried about his finances and future in the US.

According to the insider who spoke with In Touch, Harry acknowledged calling William to broker a truce and telling his brother that he and Meghan would be open to returning to London to serve King Charles.

William was shocked by Harry’s call, the insider said, adding that “William didn’t quite know what to say.”

The insider claimed, however, that William informed Harry that “he would think about his offer.”

Since Megxit, relations between the King Charles sons have gotten worse, and admissions revealed by Harry in his book, Spare, further strained relations.

According to the report, Meghan Markle was even more shocked to find that Harry had previously contacted William than the Duchess of Sussex, who was reportedly furious.

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