President Joe Biden chooses a female admiral to head the navy in a first for the US military.

A senior administration official announced on Friday that Admiral Lisa Franchetti has been selected by President Joe Biden to lead the navy. She would be the first woman to lead a US military service if her nomination is successful.

Although Biden chose Franchetti over his Pentagon chief’s suggestion, he is appointing an officer who insiders had regarded as the best candidate for the position.

Franchetti is an admiral with extensive command and managerial experience. Franchetti, who serves as the navy’s vice chief of operations, would join the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the group’s first female member.

Adm. Samuel Paparo, who is now in charge of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, was suggested by Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin for the position, but according to the official, Biden is choosing Paparo to head the US Indo-Pacific Command.

Under the condition of anonymity, the official claimed that Biden selected Franchetti due to the breadth of her expertise both on land and at sea, including a variety of high-level policy and administrative positions that gave her extensive experience in budgeting and managing the department.

According to the person, Biden is aware of the historic significance of the candidacy and thinks Franchetti will inspire sailors of all genders.

The appointment of Franchetti will be added to the long list of military actions that a Republican senator is blocking.

When Admiral Michael Gilday retires in a month, she will take over as interim chief. Several women have had political appointments as military service secretaries, but never as their highest uniformed officer.

The commander of the Coast Guard is a woman named Adm. Linda L. Fagan, although she is not a member of the Joint Staff.

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