Partygate vote has divided Conservative MPs, according to Boris Johnson

On whether to accept the conclusions of the devastating Partygate investigation, which found that Boris Johnson had engaged in repeatedly disregarded of Parliament, the Tory parliamentary party is split.

Mr. Johnson was warned that he would be suspended from the Parliament for three months for deliberately misleading MPs about events happening in Downing Street while the nation was under lockdown.

The Privileges Committee’s stinging assessment, which was released on Thursday, also suggested against granting the former prime minister a future permit to enter Parliament as an ex-MP.

The findings of the Privileges Committee will be discussed on Monday, which also happens to be Mr. Johnson’s 59th birthday, according to Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt.

There will certainly be rifts between Conservative MPs who support the former prime minister and those who want to see him sanctioned because Whips aren’t obliged to instruct their members how to vote.

According to Ms. Mordaunt, the amendable motion will “ask the House to approve” the report.
She urged MPs to study the report before making a choice in a tough and depressing process, but everyone must act according to their moral convictions, and others must respect that.

He had already referred to the committee, which has a majority of Tories, as a “kangaroo court” when he made his shocking retirement from Parliament public on Friday.

The Prime Minister refused to comment on a report he had not seen during an immigration visit in Harrow.

When asked if he thought Mr. Johnson should be permitted to become a member of parliament, he responded, “You are talking about a report that I haven’t seen and that no one else has seen. Commenting on it before it is released and publicised wouldn’t be appropriate.

The House of Commons should handle these issues, he continued, and Parliament will proceed as usual.

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