Obama personally advocated for Harvard President Claudine Gay amidst the antisemitism scandal.

In response to the criticism Harvard President Claudine Gay faced after testifying before Congress on antisemitism, former President Barack Obama defended her.

Following her congressional hearing regarding racism and threats against Jewish students on an Ivy League campus, Obama, a Harvard graduate, had discreetly advocated on Gay’s behalf, a confidential source familiar with the case told Jewish Insider on Tuesday.

According to the insider, Obama’s involvement sounded like a request for everyone to pull together in order to maintain the stability of the government as a whole, including its makeup.

When Gay appeared before the House Committees on College and the Workforce in early December, she was questioned about whether or not advocating for the extermination of Jews on campus violates the anti-bullying and anti-harassment codes of conduct established by the university.

Her assertion that, given the circumstances, the school would simply need to respond in reaction to the alleged behavior sparked outrage on social media and even an answer from the White House.

Following the hearing, Gay apologized, and on December 12, the Harvard Corporation’s fellows—the university’s highest governing body—issued a statement endorsing the president of Harvard in the face of overwhelming calls for her resignation. The board also discussed the initial October flagging of Gay’s academic paper in relation to accusations of plagiarism.

According to a record obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Stacey Springs, the research integrity officer at Harvard, reportedly received a complaint on Tuesday outlining over 40 claims of plagiarism regarding Gay’s academic works. The allegations ranged from missing quotation marks within certain words or phrases to entire sections being lifted verbatim.

Additionally, the Harvard Corporation made public a synopsis of a review on Wednesday night, stating that Gay will ask Harvard’s Office of the Provost to make three modifications to her Ph.D. dissertation from 1997, according to The Harvard Crimson.

Harvard claimed to have discovered two more instances of redundant text without the proper credit after doing further investigation.

The same day, Penny Pritzker, a senior fellow at Harvard Corporation, received a letter from House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., demanding further details regarding the university’s handling of plagiarism charges against Gay and the uneven enforcement of Harvard’s Honor Code.

Pritzker, a former Obama administration official and millionaire from the Chicago hotel industry, has gained attention as a result of the scandal. Last month, he gave $100 million to Harvard University.

Leading the search committee that named Gay president last December, Pritzker described Gay as a brilliant leader who is deeply committed to maintaining and advancing Harvard’s academic standing at the time.

Prior to releasing a statement with the other eleven board members on December 12, Pritzker sidestepped a barrage of inquiries from reporters covering the student newspaper regarding her opinion on Gay’s resignation. At the time, Gay asserted that Pritzker gave her “full support.”

According to a Harvard source familiar with the situation, “What I understand is that [Pritzker] had no plans of sailing down with that ship,” Jewish Insider was informed.

It’s unclear if Pritzker, a vocal opponent of anti-Semitic sentiment, discussed Obama’s support for Gay with him while the Harvard Corporation was discussing the university president’s future.

Fox News Digital reached out to Pritzker’s office and Obama’s press contacts, but neither provided a response.

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