NHS consultant walkouts: BMA announces two additional strikes

As they get ready to strike this week, hospital consultants have today announced two additional strike dates.

In a growing salary dispute, consultants in England are planning additional industrial action for Thursday and Friday, August 24 and 25. A “derisory, sub-inflationary pay award of less than 6% for consultants” was condemned by the British Medical Association.

To make up for real-terms cuts since 2010, it demands a 35% increase. Although consultants have always been clear that taking strike action is a last resort, we are left with no choice because the government is determined to undervalue consultants’ skills and is unaware of the effects this is having on the NHS. said Dr. Vishal Sharma, chairman of the BMA’s consultants committee.

During a pandemic, we placed our lives in peril, and now we’re dealing with a record backlog in treatment. Our pay has been lowered every year. The Prime Minister claims that reducing these waiting lists is a top priority, but he undermines his own strategy by demonstrating his disdain for the people tasked with carrying it out.

Cutting salaries yet another time demonstrates the government’s total contempt for the industry.

This month, The Mirror reported that the wave of strikes that have battered the NHS in England in the run-up to its 75th anniversary have forced the postponement of around 650,000 appointments and surgeries.

Since December 2022, the unprecedented strikes have seriously disrupted the NHS. In the middle of December, nurses staged the first-ever nationwide walkout; shortly after, physiotherapists and other health professionals followed suit.

Junior physicians launched the first of a series of strikes in March of this year, causing more disruption to the healthcare system. The strikes in England have forced the postponement of around 648,000 appointments, procedures, and operations.

An ongoing five-day strike by junior doctors in England ends on Tuesday.

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