NATO wants to see a united Ukraine as Putin looks on.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, and some of his staunchest allies in eastern Europe are now arguing that clear commitments from NATO are necessary to boost Ukrainian fighters’ morale as they engage in a taxing counteroffensive and to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has bet on waning interest in support for Ukraine from Western capitals.

In a Sunday interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Oksana Markarova, the ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, stated, “We are preparing for NATO membership.”

It was decided to have a “open door policy” toward Ukraine in 2008, according to Markarova, and now “we want not only for the door to be open, we want to be invited to come in.”

One Western diplomat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss delicate negotiations, said that the Eastern Europeans, and especially the hosts, have been quite forward-leaning, but they have already heard from other allies that they can’t be that forward-leaning.

The official stated that although there had been “intensive discussions” prior to the summit regarding how to renew the pledges made in Bucharest, “it wouldn’t be the first multilateral meeting that was based on a less-than-clear foundation.

The Western diplomat said, “Fundamentally, the message that is sent delivered to the citizens of the world needs to be that the course of development [for Ukraine] hasn’t changed.

The Biden administration has previously stated that Ukraine won’t be granted membership at Vilnius because to its open border conflict.

In an interview with CNN on Friday, Vice President Biden stated of Ukraine, “I don’t think it’s ready for membership in NATO.”

However, Mr. Biden continued, I don’t think there is agreement within NATO on whether or not to admit Ukraine at this time, while it is engaged in a war.

A member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee named Sen. Chris Coons stated to Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” that “there has to be a security guarantee for Ukraine going forward,” but that a definite promise about NATO, 31 NATO members have the power to decide whether to join.

“They’ll make a lot of work on sustaining or vital support during this counteroffensive,” said Coons, “but I don’t think they’ll leave Vilnius with a definite schedule.

At the Friday White House news conference, Mr. Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan delivered a similar message.

Sullivan claims that the president has also made it clear that we will help Ukraine for however long it requires and that we will provide them with an extraordinary number of weapons and capabilities, both from ourselves and by enabling those from allies and partners. However, we are not looking to start World War III.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Friday that the organization will accept Ukraine’s request for a “multi-year program of assistance” and create a NATO-Ukraine Council.

As he continued, Stoltenberg said, “I anticipate that partner leaders will restate that Ukraine will join NATO and reach an agreement on how to further Ukraine’s goal.

Mr. Biden is still attempting to welcome Sweden as a new NATO member in the interim. Coons, a fellow Delaware Democrat and close supporter of Vice President Biden, claimed on Sunday that Mr. Biden had personally tried to convince NATO allies like Greece to permit Sweden’s entry.

“Although NATO should have 32 members, there are now only 31. Putin has lost the war on strategy as a result of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. It indicates that, regardless of what happens in Ukraine, President Biden’s leadership has prevented him from dividing and weakening NATO, which was his main goal. Coons declared that NATO was at its strongest point ever. They’ll probably make significant progress toward admitting Sweden, in my opinion.

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