More tourists have returned to the UK following the Rhodes fires.

As officials continue to battle wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes, more tourists are returning to the UK aboard repatriation flights from Rhodes.

With flights home operating every day of the week, it is estimated that up to 10,000 Britons are staying on the island.

Due to fires spreading and approaching resorts on the eastern coast, tourists were forced to leave hotels and sleep outside.

Officials reported that two people are still missing after a firefighting jet crashed on Tuesday.

Fire department spokeswoman Lt. Col. Yanni Artopios told AFP that the jet went down close to the village of Platanisto on the Greek island of Evia.

Greek Air Force personnel were the missing pilots, according to state television, which also aired footage of the plane as it crashed and vanished in a plume of smoke and flames.

In other places, the fires have damaged locals’ homes and places of business.

According to the UK government, the situation on the island is stabilizing,” and the entire island is unaffected.

At this time, it does not advise against visiting Greece.

Rhodes outbound package vacations have been postponed until Saturday and Friday, respectively, by EasyJet and Tui.

Over 40 degrees Celsius have been recorded around the nation in recent weeks, and certain places have experienced virtually weekly fires.

So far, Rhodes has seen the evacuation of at least 19,000 individuals.

A fire department spokesperson told the AFP news agency that some 2,500 people were evacuated from Corfu, which is located some 1,027 kilometers away.

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