More than 70 people were killed in a fire that destroyed a shelter for migrants in Johannesburg.

According to emergency authorities, a multi-story building fire in Johannesburg claimed the lives of at least 73 individuals and is thought to have been occupied by the city’s homeless population.

According to a representative of the local government, some of the people may have perished after throwing themselves out of windows to escape the fire.

An emergency services official said that seven of the victims were kids, with the youngest being one year old.

Witnesses claimed that the structure may have housed as many as 200 individuals.

Emergency management officials reported that 52 other individuals were hurt as a result of the incident, which started early on Thursday morning.

A search and recovery effort was in progress, said spokesman Robert Mulaudzi, and it was anticipated that the death toll would grow.

Authorities claimed the fire had been mostly put out, but smoke could still be seen coming from the windows of the burned-out structure in Johannesburg’s central business district.

There are many abandoned and dilapidated buildings in the region, and they are frequently occupied by people who are frantically looking for a place to stay. They are referred to as “hijacked buildings” by city officials.

Mr. Mulaudzi predicted that the death toll would rise and that additional people would likely become trapped inside the structure.

He claimed that it took three hours to put out the fire, and by mid-morning, they had only reached three of the building’s five levels.

This is a disaster for Johannesburg, according to Mr. Mulaudzi. I have been in the military for over 20 years and have never encountered anything like this.

He stated that the interior of the building resembled “an informal settlement,” with people squeezed into small spaces and shacks and other constructions piled up.

He claimed that there were “obstructions” all around that prevented emergency personnel from working and would have made it extremely difficult for residents to escape the fire.

Search teams turned up 64 dead, according to Mr. Mulaudzi, who added that it was “very unlikely” that anyone would have been found alive hours after the fire started.

141 families were impacted by the tragedy, according to city officials, though they were unable to immediately specify the exact number of occupants in the building at the time of the fire. – AP

According to officials, several of them were thought to be foreign nationals.

One eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, told the television news program eNCA that he lived next door and could hear people shouting for help.

According to Mgcini Tshwaku, a representative of the local government, there are signs that individuals built fires within the structure to stay warm during the chilly winter.

Authorities are investigating what started the fire.

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