Michael Gove says Petrol and diesel car ban immovable.

Michael Gove took a more strident stance than Rishi Sunak on Tuesday, stating that a ban on the sale of new diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2030 is “immovable.”

Downing Street left the door open for this aim to change, maybe in the event that emissions technology advanced.

However, when questioned on Times Radio if the ban was irrevocable, Communities Secretary Mr. Gove responded, “Yes.”

When pressed more about this particular issue that he would not alter, he responded, “Yes.”

Nevertheless, he emphasized that the Government would consider the costs of net zero policies on people when deciding on ways to tackle global warming, as portions of Europe were being struck with “toxic heat” record temperatures.

In order to protect the environment, he stated, “It’s critical that the Government move forward with appropriate and thoughtful steps.”

“However, there are also specific industries where putting more responsibility on individuals carries the danger of provoking a backlash.

We don’t want to reach a point where support for enhancing our environment dries up and turns into resistance, since we’ve seen that happen in the Netherlands.

In the midst of uncertainty on the true stance of the Government on this matter, Mr. Gove’s remarks come after Mr. Sunak was not as definitive on the 2030 ban on Monday, despite Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell declaring earlier that it was the appropriate move.

To avoid burdening families with “hassle” or additional expenditures, the PM refused in an interview to reiterate his commitment to the prohibition on the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles by the end of the decade.

During a consultation, the government suggested that all new-build tenancies require a grade of “C” or above by April 2025, with all privately rented property requiring the same grade by April 2028.

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