Men attacking women are caught by Met using counterterrorism strategies

To find the worst male offenders who target women, the Metropolitan police has begun to employ counterterrorism strategies. According to Scotland Yard, it will rate the worst male offenders before comparing them to the top 100 deemed to be the most dangerous and “using the organised crime or terrorism approach.”

The announcement was made at the same time that the force’s commissioner unveiled a new set of commitments, dubbed A New Met for London, with the goal of rescuing Britain’s biggest force from catastrophe. Communities would mould it, Mark Rowley pledged.

The force evaluates 35,000 criminals committed each year for crimes against women and girls using the Cambridge Crime Harm Index in an effort to determine the 100 most dangerous offenders for the public.

The Met reported that, compared to the prior year, it had charged 500 more rape and serious sexual crime cases.

As he works to overhaul the capital’s police, Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley referred to the plan as “innovative” and the actions as “front-footed.”

The approach to male predatory assault is being taken, according to Mr. Rowley, “like organised crime or terrorism.”

The protection of women and children in London is increased if we go after them proactively, make a case against them, and remove them from the streets. This is a sign of something more creative, more aggressive, and a change in how we reform London’s policing.

Following internal scandals and officers being held responsible for crimes including rape, assault, and even murder, the Met has come under fire.

After an extensive study that lasted a whole year, Baroness Louise Casey published a report claiming that the force was institutionally racist, sexist, and homophobic.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London and police and crime commissioner for the city, is up for re-election in 2019. The police force is now under special measures. Londoners will appropriately judge this plan based on deeds, not words, according to Khan, and I will be steadfast in keeping the Met and the commissioner accountable and assisting him in carrying it out.

The Met has a large number of dedicated, qualified police officers and employees that want to contribute to this change. I consider police reform to be a crucial component of my mayoralty, and I won’t rest until Londoners are receiving the level of police service they are entitled to.

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