Matty Healy’s 1975 performance in Malaysia was cut short when the singer denounced anti-LGBT policies.

Due to a failure to follow local performance regulations, the British band The 1975’s set at a music event on Friday in Kuala Lumpur was cut short.

The band’s frontman, Matty Healy, delivered a speech during the opening day of the three-day Good Vibes Festival in which he criticized the Malaysian government for criminalizing same-sex relationships.

When we were booking events, I made a mistake since I didn’t do my research. I fail to see the point, am I right? Healy said to the crowd, “I don’t see the point of welcoming The 1975 to the nation and instructing us on whom we are able to have relations with.

And if that offends you and you’re religious, I apologize… I’m going to push back if you push.

In Malaysia, homosexuality is against the law, and violating sodomy regulations can result in jail time, physical punishment, and fines.

Healy, who was holding a bottle of wine, announced to the audience that the band would not be doing any “uplifting songs” because he was incensed.

That is unfair to you since you are not an embodiment of your government. You are young, and many of you are probably gay and progressive, he remarked.

Actress Denise Welch, who is also Healy’s mother, shared a tweet from American news site Pop Crave that included a video of the onstage kiss and the caption, “He’s my son.”

Ross MacDonald, the bassist for the group, approached Healy after he finished speaking, and the two men shared a kiss as they were performing I Like America and America Likes Me.

At least one more song was performed before Healy announced, “All right, we have to go. I’ll see you later. We were just expelled from Kuala Lumpur.

Seven songs were played during the group’s set as the opening act. The band did not play Robbers, Somebody Else, or I’m In Love With You on Friday, among other songs on the set list.

Late on Friday night, the event’s organizers released a statement that said, in part, “We regret that The 1975 performance had to be shortened owing to non-compliance with local performance requirements.

We enthusiastically welcome your attendance on Saturday and Sunday at the Good Vibes Festival 2023, which will go as planned.

Healy kissed a male fan in 2019 while doing a performance in Dubai, where same-sex relationships and sexual activity are illegal.

Healy wrote on Twitter following the incident in Dubai: “I don’t think we’ll be allowed back due to my ‘behavior’ but know that I love you and I wouldn’t have done anything differently given the chance.”

On Sunday, the band will play at the We The Fest music festival in Jakarta. In Indonesia, same-sex unions are not recognized by the government.

Earlier this week, the band played two entirely sold-out gigs in Singapore.

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