Many international students may lose their ability to bring family members to the UK.

The government reports that in the fiscal year ending in December 2022, over 136,000 visas were granted to dependents of sponsored students, an eight-fold increase from the 16,000 granted in 2019.

The official yearly data that is due out this week is anticipated to reveal that net migration has reached at least 700,000, and as a result. The prime minister gave the cabinet his word on Tuesday that the most recent initiatives “would make a significant difference in the numbers.

According to Ms. Braverman, it strikes the ideal mix between taking strong action on net migration and safeguarding the potential economic gains that students might provide.

In an effort to reduce net migration, UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has initiated a crackdown on foreign students who bring family members to the nation.

The home secretary announced that starting in January 2024, it will be illegal for all international students to bring their dependents with them, with the exception of those enrolled in postgraduate research degrees. New immigration restrictions prevent foreign postgraduate students from bringing family members to the UK for non-research programmes.

The number of dependents had unexpectedly increased, according to Ms. Braverman, who also claimed that the economic advantages provided by students could not outweigh the Conservatives’ commitment to restrict immigration.

The administration of Rishi Sunak also forbids foreign students from switching from the student visa road to the work visa path before their studies are finished.

Additionally, Ms. Braverman has promised to tighten down on dodgy education agents who might be assisting improper applications to promote immigration rather than education. Maintenance responsibilities for students and their families would also be eliminated.

The government will work with institutions to develop an alternate strategy to ensure that the finest and most brilliant students can bring dependents, according to Ms. Braverman, notwithstanding the crackdown.

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