King Charles attends a special church service to commemorate his mother’s passing.

Royals attend a service close to Balmoral to honour the anniversary of their accession with gun salutes and abbey bells.

On the anniversary of his mother’s passing on Friday, King Charles III will attend a private church service in Scotland in her honour.

Charles and Queen Camilla will be at their Scottish hideaway and attend special remembrance services at Crathie Church near Balmoral Castle as gun salutes and abbey bells mark the anniversary of his accession elsewhere.

The royal couple, who are spending their customary summer vacation at their house in Aberdeenshire with a select group of friends, will use the day for personal meditation.

On Friday, a small, private service will be held at St. David’s Cathedral to honour the life of the queen. The Prince and Princess of Wales are now in west Wales.

In the nearby cloisters, where guests will also include locals who met the queen during her travels to the city, they will next meet members of the local community.

Since the Reformation, the sovereign has only had a specific stall in the quire among the chapter members at St. David’s, the only cathedral in the UK. Throughout the years, the queen spent four of her visits to St. Davids sitting there.

As he marked the first anniversary of Her Late Majesty’s passing and his ascension, King Charles wrote: “We commemorate with deep affection her long life, faithful service, and everything she meant to so many of us.

Additionally, my wife and I are immensely grateful for all the support and encouragement you’ve shown us, as we’ve worked really hard to serve you all this year.

Beginning at 1, Westminster Abbey’s bells will chime to commemorate the first anniversary of the king’s coronation. At the Tower of London, Hyde Park, Edinburgh Castle, and Hillsborough Castle, as well as other locations where gun salutes are customarily fired on the anniversary of the monarch’s accession, there will be gun salutes.

The Duke of Sussex landed in the UK on Thursday to take part in a charity awards ceremony; it is rumoured that he will not be travelling to Scotland to see his father. Harry was honouring the achievements and fortitude of chronically ill youngsters and the families supported by the charity WellChild on Thursday, and over the next few days he will be in Dusseldorf, Germany, for the official start of his Invictus Games.

At the age of 96 and following a 70-year reign, the UK’s longest-reigning monarch passed away peacefully in Balmoral, Scotland, on September 8 of last year.

Liz Truss has said that the queen assured him they would be “meeting again soon” at her last formal engagement in history, two days before she passed away.

The king was “very, very resolute” when Truss spoke to him on the phone the day his mother passed away and his reign began, according to Truss.

In the meeting at Balmoral, she was completely aware of what was going on, according to Truss, who spoke to GB News. She was quite anxious to convince me that we would be speaking to one another shortly. She gave it a great deal of weight.

Although she was physically pretty fragile, Truss continued, “she was definitely mentally alert. There was no sign that the queen was in critical condition.

She described how, on September 7, she was informed of a deteriorating situation and the postponement of a privy council.

I got there for the meeting just before six o’clock. Everyone was waiting there, and after a little while, word came that the Queen would no longer be able to attend the meeting. I initially became aware of it in this manner. But she told Cameron Walker, the royal correspondent for GB News, “It was obviously a very ominous sign.”

On September 8, she remarked, “Things were clearly getting even worse the next day, so it was a dawning realisation that we were facing [it],” not just for myself but also for my colleagues.

When they learned of the Queen’s passing at around 4.30 p.m., she described the atmosphere in No. 10 as follows: “We were in the Downing Street flat with officials and other individuals. As a result, when the news broke, it kind of confirmed our worst suspicions.

She claimed that while she was extremely saddened by the circumstances, her thoughts were also on day-to-day realities. “I just realised I would have to deal with it. Your mind is probably thinking, “My goodness me, this is a momentous occasion. The total backdrop to our existence is no longer there since she is our Queen, who has been on the throne for 70 years, she remarked.

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