Kai Cenat: Following the PS5 giveaway mayhem, police have charged a Twitch streamer.

After throngs of people flocked to Union Square Park on Friday in hopes of winning a video game, chaos broke out in New York City.

The crowd gathered in Union Square when popular comedian and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat said some of his followers might win free PlayStation 5 consoles. According to the police, it was difficult to control the tens of thousands of people who occupied the park and the highways.

The YouTuber shared a picture of the crowd from ABC7’s aerial footage on his Instagram account.

30 of the 65 people who were detained by the NYPD amid the mayhem on Friday afternoon in Manhattan were minors.

According to the police, the influencer will face numerous criminal charges, including at least two instances of riot incitement and unlawful assembly.

There were a lot of individuals sitting on the sidewalks being held back by their hands. In an effort to control the mob, which occasionally broke out in a run, police were establishing lines in the street.

By tweeting, “Due to police activity, avoid the area surrounding Union Square Park and use alternate routes,” the NYPD echoed the message. Expect some lingering traffic congestion and a police presence in the area.

People were observed hurling things at construction barricades and tearing at them.

Even the roof over the Union Square metro station’s entrance was scaled by several young adults.

Thank you to the NYPD for their rapid work today in bringing the situation at Union Square under control, Adams wrote in a tweet. In my opinion, our streets should be vibrant and joyful. But they need to be secure. That’s the most crucial factor.

I emailed my kid and asked him if he was there when I witnessed what was going on in Union Square today, the man continued. He retorted, “No.” I instructed him to leave the area while we dealt with the situation.

I hoped that all parents or other caregivers could check in on their kids at times like this and get a response from them, he added.

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