Julian Sands’ cause of death unknown due to condition of his body

The final cause of death for British actor Julian Sands has been ruled unknown.

A View from My Room In June, months after a celebrity went missing while hiking in the Californian San Gabriel Mountains, his body was found.

Due to Sands’ body’s condition and the fact that no additional causes of death were found during the coroner’s inquiry, the cause of death could not be identified.

The finding was “common when dealing with cases of this type,” according to police in San Bernardino County.

The actor, 65 years old when he vanished on a trek in January, had human remains identified as his last month after being discovered in the Mount Baldy region.

The tributes sent to him, according to his brother Nick Sands of Gargrave, North Yorkshire, have been “overwhelming.” Nick Sands also said that he will “grieve and celebrate” his brother’s loss and life in “equal measure.”

The roles that Sands played in the TV series 24 and Smallville, as well as the Oscar-winning picture A Room With A View, are what made him most well-known.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), in which he costarred with Daniel Craig, was one of his previous acting roles.

On January 13, during terrible weather, he vanished. California was pounded by catastrophic storms, ice weather, and an avalanche hazard, which made air and ground searches difficult.

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