Israeli cyber professionals form a “war room” to find missing people, putting their professions on hold.

To find people who are missing, the volunteers have established a makeshift command center where they employ AI, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

In order to assist in finding Israelis missing after last week’s attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, hundreds of Israeli high-tech specialists have temporarily left their positions in the private sector.

Invading Israeli cities and kibbutzes, Hamas terrorists killed 1,300 people and abducted close to 200 more before making their way out of the Gaza Strip. In retaliation, Israel blasted Gaza for days, killing over 2,700 Palestinians while preparing a ground invasion with Israeli troops.

One of the initiative’s organisers, Karine Nahon, said volunteers have been looking through recordings, including those put online by Hamas, to help identify and find the more than 1,000 people who are still missing. Israeli authorities receive any information obtained.

Based in Tel Aviv, the hub of Israel’s high-tech and cyber security industry, the volunteers have set up a temporary command center where they use artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and voice recognition to find people who haven’t been found since the attack, sometimes using clothing or other distinguishing features.

Currently, according to Nahon, the government is reliant on the data coming from these rooms.

Israelis who have vanished are depicted on the walls, serving as a reminder of the volunteers’ purpose.

We work to comprehend each missing person’s situation, but there are still more than a thousand unaccounted for, she said.

They had to race against time.

In response to the attacks, Israel has sworn to destroy Hamas, and in response to Israeli airstrikes on civilians, Hamas has threatened to execute hostages.

As evidence that the militant group is aware the films of the attacks are being examined for information, Nahon noted that Hamas is now also taking down footage of the attacks that it had placed online.

Hamas is currently deleting and removing their videos. In addition to horrifying images, there was a live video showing how they accessed various rooms containing murdered children.

They now erase the films one at a time since they are aware that we essentially watch over them and examine them, she claimed.

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