Indian student in the UK drags drunk woman to his flat, rapes her, and gets punished for six years in prison.

A student from India was caught on camera dragging a woman into his room when she was “intoxicated” and then raping her. The video has gone viral. In addition, 20-year-old Preet Vikal “trophy photographed” the victim in his bed before attacking her. He was given a six-year, nine-month sentence in a facility for young offenders after admitting to rape.

According to accounts, the engineering student met the girl outside a bar in Cardiff, UK, in June of last year and brought her to his room. The “hopelessly intoxicated” woman was contacted by Preet Vikal outside a concert venue in the Welsh capital, and the latter took advantage of her precarious situation, the court heard.

Vikal and the victim, who were complete strangers, went out with different groups of friends, according to prosecutor Matthew Cobbe. Preet was seen carrying the victim at roughly 4 am in the CCTV tape that was shown in court. He later carried the victim across his shoulders. The video then shows him laying her on the ground and raising her to her feet. The victim was walking but was severely leaning on Vikal as they passed the Blackweir pub.

She was gushing blood. She got out of bed, folded her clothing, and clothed herself. After getting the defendant’s Instagram username, the victim messaged him to inquire about whether they had had sex and, if so, whether they had used any form of protection, according to prosecutor Matthew Cobbe. Yes, we had, she said, “but they hadn’t taken precaution.”

The court was informed that Vikal later that day shared the photo to a friend and confessed in a chat that he had “forgotten” to use a condom.

Preet was taken into custody the same day when the woman informed the police of what had happened. He delivered a prepared statement in which he claimed the victim had been a “willing participant”. The victim was obviously too inebriated to agree to intercourse, the prosecutor claimed. Vikal was discovered and taken into custody, according to the police, after a “extensive” CCTV search.

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