In the Canary Islands disaster, at least 30 migrants are thought dead.

After being saved by the Greek coastguard late on Wednesday, 63 people—including eight women and eight children—were transported to Kalamata.

An inflatable boat carrying up to 60 migrants and refugees is believed to have sunk early on Wednesday morning while making way to the Canary Islands, killing at least 35 people.

60 persons were on the boat, according to the Spanish migrant NGO Caminando Fronteras, of whom 39 were missing. Alarm Phone, a different migration NGO, reported that there were 59 passengers and 35 were missing.

Spanish maritime rescue officials reported that 24 people had been saved by Moroccan authorities, and one of the two remains that had been found had been collected by a Spanish helicopter.

The boat ran into trouble and sank, according to a service representative. 24 people were rescued this morning by one of the Moroccan authorities’ patrol boats, according to a rescue operation that was started by them. They requested our assistance, and once one of our helicopters retrieved the minor’s body, it was transported to the airport in Gran Canaria. Later, another body was discovered by a container ship that was involved in the search.

There may have been up to 60 passengers aboard the inflatable boat, the spokesperson said, adding that “we are unaware of precisely how many of them have vanished.”

She claimed that on Wednesday morning, 51 people had been saved from a different boat that had run into trouble seven miles off Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.

It is agony, according to Helena Maleno, the director of Walking Borders, to have 60 people — including six women and a baby — waiting for help for more than 12 hours in an unsteady inflatable boat that might capsize at any moment.

The gang had spent seven days at sea when their yacht, which they had departed in Turkey for Italy, experienced engine issues and stalled. When the group’s rescue attempts started, the stranded boat had sailed into Greek waters.

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