In northern Italy, storms killed two people as Sicily fires closed airports.

According to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, two individuals died as a result of heavy storms that rocked northern Italy, while Palermo Airport in Sicily had to close due to wildfires in the south. One of the victims was a 16-year-old girl who was on a camping trip.

During a scout camp near Brescia, the adolescent was killed when a tree fell on her tent in the early morning hours following a night of fierce winds and heavy rain.

In Lissone, north of Milan, a woman in her mid-thirties lost her life on Monday after also being struck by a falling tree.

In an online message to their loved ones, Meloni confirmed the two “tragic” deaths brought on by the terrible weather.

Early on Tuesday morning, Milan residents reported hail and severe rain that flooded streets and uprooted trees, many of which fell upon parked automobiles.

The city’s electricity network was seriously damaged, according to transportation officials, and water service was momentarily cut off in the historic center, according to an AFP journalist.

Over 200 calls for assistance have been made in Milan since 4 a.m., according to firefighters, who described the situation as “very serious.”

But despite the north’s deluge, the south continued to experience a heatwave, with Catania in eastern Sicily recording a high of 47.6 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Wildfires on the island were being fought by firefighters all night. On Tuesday morning, one of the blazes came dangerously close to Palermo Airport.

On Tuesday, the Italian Civil Protection Department reported “extensive fires” in the southern region, stating that nine incidents had occurred in Sicily, nine had occurred in Calabria, and one had occurred in Sardinia.

According to Civil Protection Minister Nello Musumeci, today in Italy is one of the most challenging days in recent memory, with rainstorms, tornadoes, and enormous hail in the north and blistering heat and destructive fires in the center and south.

He continued, writing on Facebook: “The climate change that has affected our nation demands of us all… a change of attitude.”

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