In July, junior doctors will go on their longest strike yet.

The longest such industrial action in the NHS’s history will involve thousands of junior physicians striking across England for five days.

As a result of the unprecedented action by doctors, who may have up to eight years of experience as hospital doctors or three years in general practise, it is estimated that thousands of NHS consultations and surgeries may need to be postponed. From July 13 at 7 a.m. through July 18 at 7 a.m., there will be a strike.

Over 500,000 appointments, operations, and treatments have had to be postponed across England due to the wave of industrial unrest within the NHS. Strikes in the ongoing conflict over NHS pay started towards the end of 2022.

The five-day strike by junior physicians in England scheduled for next month, which will be their fourth this year, is anticipated to be extremely disruptive.

The BMA young physicians committee’s co-chairs, Dr. Robert Laurenson and Dr. Vivek Trivedi, released a statement on Friday in which they declared: “We are declaring the longest single walkout by doctors in the history of the NHS, but this is not a record that needs to be written down. Even now, the government has the ability to stop us in our tracks by making a convincing offer to restore salary at the negotiating table.

Since the end of the most recent round of strikes, which was about a week ago, neither Rishi Sunak nor Steve Barclay have made any announcements about restarting negotiations since they ended our talks and cancelled any future meetings a month ago.

The announcement comes as junior physicians report receiving more offers to relocate abroad in the past four months than ever before, according to a BMA study.

The announcement comes as junior physicians report receiving more offers to relocate abroad in the past four months than ever before, according to a BMA study. Since the strikes were declared, more than half of respondents report receiving more job postings from recruiters for positions in other countries. Numerous young doctors have already relocated to Australia and other nations outside of the UK.

According to Laurenson and Trivedi, restoring compensation can stop the flow of Australian job adverts in doctors’ social media feeds and result in a staff that is rebuilt and an NHS that this country can be proud of for the next 75 years, during which time doctors will be paid decently.

Voting on whether to hold additional strikes through Christmas among members of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is set to end on Friday.

If hospital consultants in England vote in favour of industrial action, they have declared they will go on two days of strike action in July. The BMA declared that if consultants vote in support, its members will strike on July 20 and 21.

This indicates that the pay packages of the contract’s employees, who include more than a million NHS employees, will increase in the coming days. For the majority of employees covered by the contract, which included all NHS employees with the exception of doctors, dentists, and extremely senior managers, the new offer constituted a 5% pay increase this year plus a cash payment for the previous year. The RCN and Unite, however, rejected the proposal and asserted that they were still at odds with the administration.

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