In England and Wales, two pubs disappear every day.

Government figures show that during the first half of the year, two pubs per day vanished in England and Wales.

Data revealed that 230 pubs closed their doors in the three months leading up to June 30. This is an increase over the prior quarter, when 153 pubs closed.

It indicates that between January and June, 383 pubs were destroyed or transformed for other purposes.

Campaigners have demanded changes to the planning laws to safeguard pubs.

It comes after The Crooked House pub in the West Midlands, formerly known as the “wonkiest” public house in the UK, was destroyed in a fire and subsequently demolished without full permission in August, sparking outcry in the neighborhood and elsewhere.

According to data provided by commercial real estate experts Altus Group, the overall count of pubs in England and Wales, including those that are unoccupied and being offered for rent, decreased to 39,404 at the end of June.

52 pubs were lost in Wales during the first half of the year, compared to 46 each in London and the North West.

Throughout the entire year 2022, 386 pubs were lost.

In his fall statement in November, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt was urged to take action, particularly by lowering the burden of business rates on the industry, according to Alex Probyn, president of property tax at Altus Group.

Businesses that already pay business rates, which are levied on the majority of non-domestic buildings, such as offices, pubs, and vacation homes, are going to experience an inflation-linked rise from next April unless the government steps in to intervene.

Bills should increase by more than 6% as a result next year.

A typical business rate increase of £12,385 for pubs is the last thing they need, according to Mr. Probyn. In a climate of limited growth, high inflation, and high borrowing rates, energy costs have increased by 80% annually.

For the 2023–2024 tax year, up to a ceiling of £110,000 per firm, pubs and other qualified hospitality, leisure, and retail businesses receive a 75% discount off their business rates bills. However, this discount is scheduled to expire in March 2024.

The Campaign for Pubs has issued a warning that landlords who seek to “cash in” by developing pubs, like through conversion or demolishing premises for housing, are losing even profitable businesses.

The association has urged the government to enact stiffer sanctions for “unauthorized conversions and demolitions” in order to promote, protect, and sustain pubs across the nation.

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