In Atlanta, 190 passengers were evacuated after the tires on a Delta aircraft caught fire and exploded, injuring one person.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, 190 passengers had to be evacuated onto the runway of an Atlanta airport after the tires on a Delta Boeing 757 caught fire and burst into flames during the afternoon landing on Wednesday.

Delta Flight 1437’s left main gear tire burst around six o’clock p.m. during landing at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, the Federal Aviation Administration reported.

On board the Delta Boeing757, a passenger emailed 11Alive a picture and a video of people using the emergency slide to escape the airplane.

A passenger on the aircraft named Bruce Campbell told 11Alive, “The Delta crew was extremely organized and professional and there was no panic.” With 20 cars and perhaps 100 ground safety workers present, the response was outstanding.

Delta Air Lines published the following statement:

“We value the work that our flight crew and the first responders at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport put in to ensure that flight 1437 landed safely at our hub this afternoon. According to early reports, parts of the landing gear were hot, and one of the aircraft’s tires burst during the landing. Consumers are being transported to the terminal by bus after being evacuated by emergency slides. Nothing is more vital than ensuring the safety of our patrons and workers, thus we sincerely apologize to each of you for this experience.”

One person was hurt, according to Atlanta’s FOX 5, however their status wasn’t immediately known.

The FAA will keep looking into the incident.

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