Following the funeral for Queen Elizabeth, the White House denies Prince Harry and Meghan Markle access to Air Force One.

After the Queen’s burial, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted to go back to the United States on Air Force One, but the White House refused their request for fear that it would generate a commotion.

First Lady Jill Biden had also been invited several months before to Harry’s Invictus Games, but the plan was scrapped due to worries that the Royal Family could find her attendance there offensive.

The Sussexes’ efforts to gain political influence in the US as they adapted to life in California are thought to have included both of the unsuccessful initiatives.

When the Queen passed away, the couple’s relationships with the Royal Family were strained since they had criticized members of the Royal Family in an interview with Oprah Winfrey and in Prince Harry’s biography Spare.

On September 8, 2022, Harry and Meghan were in the UK for philanthropic occasions when the Queen passed away. They stayed there during September 19’s funeral for the Queen.

Harry and Meghan were not invited to the pre-funeral reception held at Buckingham Palace by King Charles and Queen Camilla before the memorial ceremony, which was attended by Joe and Jill Biden and other foreign royals and world leaders.

The reception was designated “for working members of the royal family,” according to the palace. ‘Baffled’ by that choice, Harry and Meghan were reportedly claimed to have been.

During this time, their staff contacted the White House to inquire about the possibility of the couple being flown back to the country aboard Air Force One.

Harry and Meghan ascending the steps of the renowned blue-and-white 747 to wave alongside the President and First Lady of the United States would have made for an impressive photo opportunity.

But the Americans rejected it outright. According to sources with knowledge of the decision, there wasn’t much debate over the matter; rather, everyone seemed to agree that the proposal was a “non-starter.”

Both the White House and Buckingham Palace declined to provide any comments for this article. Requests for reaction from a representative of the Duke and Duchess went unanswered.

Anyone can travel on Air Force One at the Bidens’ discretion. However, there might have been concerns about who would foot the bill for the Duke and Duchess to fly as passengers.

Although Harry and Meghan aren’t American officials, the US government funds for official excursions like the Bidens’ excursion to London.

The Democratic Party pays for any travel to campaign events, President Biden pays for the transportation of his children and grandchildren, and news organizations pay for any journalists who board the aircraft to cover the president’s activities.

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