Focusing on her “new life” with Harry and their children, Meghan Markle has “moved on” from the royal rift.

According to a recent story, 41-year-old Meghan Markle is handling Prince Harry’s royal family issues with a “much softer approach.”

“He is still having a very difficult time with his father and brother,” an unnamed source told People in this week’s issue. However, Meghan is always in favor of it. She used to think poorly of it. She appears to have moved on at this point.

“They have moved continents,” the insider continued. They and their children have started a new life.

The Post contacted Markle’s agents to get a statement.

The relationship between Prince William, 41, King Charles, 74, and Harry, 38, has been strained in recent years.

In his shocking memoir, “Spare,” published in January, Harry revealed the inner workings of his family. He said that in November 2019, during a fight about Markle and their problems with the media, his brother physically “attacked” him.

Moreover, he labelled his brother his “arch-nemesis” and stated that his father had referred to him as a “spare” since infancy.

In their Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan,” which aired in December, the couple astonishingly revealed more about their decision to resign from their positions as members of the royal family in 2020.

William and Harry reportedly don’t even get along these days, with Markle concentrating on their two kids, Prince Archie, age 4, and Princess Lilibet, age 2.

Regarding family values and raising their children, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “are very united,” the insider added to the outlet. Well, they’re both lovely parents. Their kids are their world.

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