Families of victims are “delighted” to hear of intentions to sentence perpetrators.

Families of victims are “delighted” about proposals to grant courts the authority to compel serious criminals to appear at sentencing hearings.

Some victims and campaigners, like the sister of murder victim Sabina Nessa and the mother of shooting victim Olivia Pratt-Korbel, applauded the government’s pledge to enact new legislation.

Sister Sabina Nessa Jebina Islam, 31, told the Mirror that she was “delighted” about the suggested modification.

As Ms. Nessa strolled through a park in south-east London in 2021, Koci Selamaj killed her. He was given a life sentence and declined to show up in court.

“It’s about time,” Ms. Islam replied. “We’ve noticed a pattern where these creatures aren’t showing up to court, and now we’ve put a stop to this, as we saw in my sister’s case.

I’m hoping that making these beasts appear in court regardless of their desire will bring some comfort to the victims and their families.

Cheryl Korbel is one of those fighting for a legal change that would make it mandatory for offenders to show up in court after Thomas Cashman, who shot Olivia after chasing another drug dealer into her Dovecot, Liverpool, house, refused to appear in court when he was given a minimum 42-year sentence.

Custody officers will have the authority to employ “reasonable force” in accordance with the promised reforms to compel prisoners awaiting sentencing to appear in person or through video connection.

We just hope it gets changed so no-one else has to go through it.

If a defendant is found guilty and repeatedly fails to appear in court, they risk receiving an additional two years in prison. These penalties apply even when the maximum sentence is life in prison.

It follows Lucy Letby’s refusal to show up for her sentencing earlier this month.

Ms. Korbel wished Olivia was “proud of what we’ve done” and expressed this by saying she thought she was.

“Because ultimately, we did this in her honor, and that’s why. Additionally, it’s for every other family that has experienced it, not just in her name.

We simply hope that everything is altered so that nobody else has to experience it, she told ITV.

The refusal of some of the nation’s most heinous criminals to appear in court before their victims is inexcusable, according to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. They should not be permitted to escape in a cowardly manner, and they cannot.

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