Ex-environment secretary Theresa Villiers failed to disclose Shell’s holdings.

While serving as environment secretary, a former Conservative minister concealed the fact that she owned more than £70,000 worth of Shell stock.

In her most recent revision to the register of members’ financial interests, Theresa Villiers acknowledged her ownership of shares in the oil and gas business.

Ms. Villiers’ entry for “other shareholdings, valued at more than £70,000″ reads, From February 23, 2018, Shell PLC; energy (registered July 17, 2023).”

From July 2019 to February 2020, Ms. Villiers held the position of environment secretary in Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

Any modification to an MP’s registrable interests must be registered within 28 days.

The shares for Ms. Villiers were not mentioned on a list of ministers’ interests from November 2019.

Newly declared shares over the threshold in Diageo from February 23, 2018, and Experian PLC from July 29, 2019, were also included in the MP for Chipping Barnet’s most recent disclosure.

According to a spokeswoman for Ms. Villiers, she “deeply regrets” not keeping track of the value of her stock holdings and extends her genuine apologies.

These stock tokens are a part of the portfolio that Ms. Villiers professionally manages; she has never chosen the day-to-day investments for this portfolio.

She had no idea that a single shareholding would rise to the level required for declaration, but it did so thanks to an inheritance she got in 2018.

She informed the standards commissioner and the registrar of members’ interests as soon as she became aware of this. She accepts full accountability for the error.

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