Evan Davis was told his father had killed himself at his wedding.

Evan Davis, a BBC presenter, has tragically revealed that he learned of his father’s passing on the morning of his wedding.

The 61-year-old Dragons’ Den narrator stated he received a text from his brother soon after getting married to his husband in July.

During the wedding reception, after reading the ‘Call ASAP’ message, he called his brother and found out that his father had committed suicide.

Evan remembers saying, “We’ve just had some news” during a speech to their guests. My dad passed away.”

He said, “But I don’t want you to be alarmed,” telling The Times that he didn’t want his guests to be “alarmed.” Given his advanced age, the moment has come.

He lived a fantastic, lengthy, and happy life. He was unquestionably prepared to leave.

Actually, there is nothing we can do. I will thus suggest that we move forward.

He continued, saying, “Dad was not ashamed of it,” and neither was he, and that he wanted his guests to know that his father had committed suicide.

The Radio 4 host, whose private life is kept out of the public eye, released his father’s suicide letter, which stated, “I am not unhappy or depressed,” in a heartbreaking interview. I leave because I’ve made up my mind that I’m prepared to do so.

A day later, Evan went back to work at the BBC when he “burst” into tears.

After only one day, Evan went back to his job at the BBC, where he ‘broke into tears’ when asked about his wedding.

Evan told the publication about the timing of his father’s passing: “I know he didn’t do it to ruin our day.”

We are all quite proud of him, he continued. His final deed demonstrated a very strong, self-controlled individual. To do what he did, one needs a strong will.

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